About the Webmaster

TrentPassey.com is run by — as you might have guessed — Trent Passey (that’s me).

I am currently using this site to host my TIDBITS humor posts. TIDBITS was an email humor newsletter I began in 1997 as a means of sending collections of jokes and other information to my friends. I ended it in 2005 with issue #1000. For the 20th anniversary of TIDBITS in 2017, I decided to not only start up the TIDBITS emails again, but also to supplement them with posts on this website.

Readers here will find not only new material from the latest editions of the TIDBITS newsletters, but also classic humor from my archives. Almost none of the humor is original — I have collected jokes, quotes and stories from across the Internet and elsewhere — though I often edit them for content, for grammar, and occasionally to improve a punchline.

It is my understanding that all of the material presented here is in the public domain, but if a copyrighted piece is posted here without permission, please alert me and I will remove it promptly.